Regular Weight 5+1

Weight control and fat burning.

Weight control is one of the most common concerns and one of the issues that most often pose throughout our furry friends’ lives. A responsible behaviour of the owners passes to choose the meals carefully and to use all the tools that can help in a more balanced diet. Naturea Functional wet food for dogs is a complete food:

• With carnitine to optimize fat burning

• With fiber for a satiating effect

• Low in carbohydrates

• Low glycemic index

Regular Weight 5+1

€22,80 Κανονική τιμή
€19,00Τιμή Έκπτωσης
  • Composition

    Beef: 43%

    Hydrolysed chicken protein


    Green peas


    Sunflower oil

    Salmon oil

    Yucca schidigera extract



  • Typical Analysis

    Crude Protein: 10.50%

    Crude Fat: 5.50%

    Crude Fibre: 1.00%

    Crude Ash: 1.50%

    Moisture: 78.60%

    Metabolisable Energy: 970kcal/kg

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